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5 most stunning beaches nearby Lisbon

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Lisbon is known for being the only European capital located so close to the breathtaking ocean coast and the most beautiful beaches. In today's list, we present to you some of the most magical beaches located just 30 minutes from the center of Lisbon. These places are the perfect option for a weekend getaway and a glass of wine at sunset.

Adraga Beach:

Adraga Beach located on the western side of the Serra de Sintra by locals is considered to be one of the most remarkable beaches on the Lisbon coast. Its location makes it reachable only by car, thanks to which we will certainly not find crowds of tourists there. Surrounded by the wild hills of Sintra, with mysterious rocky caves against which the Atlantic waves break with force, it creates an atmosphere that cannot be recreated in any other place. and it's one of 5 most stunning beaches nearby Lisbon

Ursa Beach:

Just like Adraga Beach, Ursa Beach is located on the western side of Serra de Sintra and is a part of the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais. Due to its specific location, Ursa Beach was formerly known primarily as a nudist beach, but its growing popularity has meant that more and more often we come across groups of tourists there. Access to the beach is a bit difficult, because you can get there only on foot, climbing a steep rocky descent near Cabo da Roca. Climbing enthusiasts will therefore be delighted with the challenge combined with breathtaking views.

Guincho Beach:

It is one of the beloved beaches of local surfers from Cascais, who can enjoy great surfing conditions and other water sports such as bodyboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing most days. Guincho Beach is just 10 minutes by car from the center of Cascais, without which getting there is very difficult. Therefore, we will not find crowds of tourists there, but only local residents relaxing among the sand dunes of Guincho Beach.

Magoito Beach:

Magoito Beach is located just north of Sintra and can only be reached by car. Above the beach there is a cliff of impressive size, and while walking around the beach, we can come across natural waterfalls. When deciding to go to the Magoito beach, it is also worth considering the nearby town of Ericeira (20 minutes away by car), which is famous all over the world for its surf culture.

Ribeira do Cavalo Beach:

Ribeira do Cavalo Beach is located south of Lisbon and is part of the Arrabida Natural Park. You can get there only by car, but even then it will be necessary to go down the rocks on the last part of the route. The views, however, reward the hardship of the hike. The beach is famous for its azure water and rocky formations protruding from the water.

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Rui ribeiro
Rui ribeiro
Jul 04, 2021

Just Ribeira do cavalo missing to visit!!! Guincho is my favourite 😍

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