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Cascais: A world to discover

Updated: Mar 7

Those of you who have visited Cascais will surely agree that it is one of the most charming places in Portugal. Cascais is not only a perfect destination for a day trip from Lisbon. It is primarily a place worth staying longer. Surrounded by the ocean, with a charming marina and a cliff coast to the west ending with the dunes of Guincho Beach. The former fishing village is today Portugal's richest city and a huge tourist attraction with hundreds of bars, cafes and restaurants. In this post, we will focus on the tourist attractions and nightlife of this charming town. Where do you go to experience the best Cascais has to offer? world to discover...

Rua Amarela

Just as Lisbon has its famous Pink Street, Cascais has recently boasted its Yellow Street. The confluence of streets in the historic city center, just a few minutes' walk from the main station, has been turned into a lively promenade. Relatively recently, car traffic was turned off in this place, so that the street was filled with restaurant gardens and people visiting them. The street was painted yellow, and lamps hung above the heads of visitors, especially at night giving the place an unusual atmosphere. It is here that we will try the best regional tapas and eat the best guacamole in a Mexican pub located there. Note: if you are going there in the evening, it is worth thinking about booking a table in advance, because Rua Amarela can be really bustling in the evenings!


The promenade along the marina is another place worth visiting in the evening. The restaurants located there offer mainly typical Portuguese delicacies, including fresh fish and seafood, most probably caught on the same day. It is one of the favorite places of both tourists and local residents who meet there for a chat in the evenings, while eating dinner and drinking local wine. In the background, there is a view of the bay, fishermen's boats swaying on the water and the yachts of wealthy owners. Casa da Guia

The complex of bars and restaurants situated on the cliff on the west bank of Cascais is one of the favorite places of the locals and less known to tourists, especially due to its location. Casa da Guia is located approximately 30 minutes' walk from the historic center of Cascais, which means that few tourists with limited sightseeing time reach it. But those who do so certainly have nothing to regret. A great idea is to walk along the ocean road from the town center to the above-mentioned place, on the way reaching the lighthouse known from postcards or the famous Boca do Inferno. On site, in a complex surrounded by trees with the ocean in the background, we will taste the best açaí, and in the evening we enjoy the sounds of music in a charming Brazilian restaurant hidden in a forest at the end of the complex.

Historic Center of Cascais

The center of Cascais, in addition to the places mentioned, has many more bars and restaurants ideal for warm summer evenings. You can find here both typical Portuguese dishes, as well as original Asian restaurants, Italian pizzerias, and even Irish pubs with beer and live music. In Cascais, it is worth taking time to get lost and discover your beloved atmosphere and flavors here. We can find here both slow food places perfect for relaxation or time spent with the family, as well as numerous bars and clubs perfect for weekend fun. It is an excellent travel destination...

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