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Dolphins in Tagus' waters

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Although at first it might seem that the return of the dolphins to Lisbon is a temporary anomaly related to the lower movement of ships on the river, it turns out that they have settled in the waters of the Tagus for good.

From the beginning of the pandemic, dolphins are much more likely to appear off the coast of Lisbon. Until now, fans of these unique mammals could most often observe them in their natural habitat near Setubal, about an hour south of the Portuguese capital. Meanwhile, the pandemic has caused dolphins to take a liking to the fresh waters of the Tagus again and are seen there practically every day by local sailors.

According to ecologists, this phenomenon is primarily due to the much better quality of the water surrounding Lisbon, and thus also the greater amount of fish that dolphins feed on. Interestingly, dolphins more and more often come to this area in groups, often creating a spectacle on the river. Recently, they can also be seen more and more often in the open ocean, near Guincho Beach.

Our guests saw Dolphins in Tagus river in one of our papaya boat tours

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