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Lisbon Coast with the largest number of "Gold Quality" beaches

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The Portuguese ecological association Quercus has selected 392 beaches, giving them the prestigious title of "Gold Quality" beaches. As many as 100 of them are located in the vicinity of Lisbon - in the Tagus River area and along the west coast of Portugal.

Guincho Beach, Costa da Caparica or Maçãs Beach - these are just some of the beaches distinguished in the list of ecologists. The Tagus River region has once again gained the greatest honors. The Algarve (93) was second in terms of the number of beaches with the "Gold Quality" title, followed by Northern Portugal (72) and Alentejo (28). There were also awards on the Portuguese islands, i.e. the Azores (42) and Madeira (30). The full list of local accolades is here.

The classification of the ecological association Quercus is seasoned on the basis of the coastal water quality in the last five bathing seasons. Importantly, environmentalists choose the locations themselves. In the case of this qualification, it is not possible to submit a search, and only the quality of the water provided by the Portuguese Environment Agency is taken into account. All current information on water quality, climatic conditions and even how crowded the beaches are you can also check by yourself in the Info Praia mobile application offered by the agency.

It's worth mentioning that the beaches listed in the ecologists' list also appear in a various guides as the most stunning beaches in Europe, and Lisbon itself is famous for the fact that it is the only European capital located by the ocean. All this makes the coast of Lisbon a perfect place to travel both for those who want to be close to the larger city's attractions, as well as for those who want to relax in the bosom of the unforgettable nature.


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