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Only a surfer knows the feeling...

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The story of Papaya Surf Camps begins in the very end of Europe, somewhere by the ocean. We deeply believe our home is an incredible world to be introduced to and one of the most magical places to experience local life, enjoy the simplicity and the beauty of nature. The purpose of our Papaya surf agency is to share this joy and invite you to experience it with us. Only a surfer knows the feeling...

In Papaya Surf Camps in Lisbon we work with the best local hostels, vacation houses and surf schools, trying to provide you with the best conditions to discover our magical Coast. We are a group of local people who have been passionate about surfing and tourism for years. Our team consists of locals who grew up by the ocean as well as previously foreigners, who have consciously made Portugal being their home. However, we all share an irresistible desire to experience this extraordinary place and share the joy of living Portuguese local life.

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