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5 things you should pack when traveling to Portugal

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Many of you when coming to our surf camps in Portugal ask us what necessary things they should pack. Today, in this short article, we present to you 5 things necessary when traveling to Portugal.

1. Sun protector

Portugal is a country located far to the south of Europe, so the sun is pretty strong here (not only on sunny summer days!). Sun protection is a definite "must have" when traveling to Portugal. Its regular use is especially important for those from northern Europe whose skin is not adapted to constant exposure to the sun. So if you have the opportunity to stock up on UV cream before your trip, do it. Due to high demand, products of this type may turn out to be much more expensive on site.

2. Sunglasses

For the same reasons you protect your skin, you should also protect your eyes. Even if you are not used to wearing sunglasses on a daily basis, it is absolutely necessary when traveling in Portugal. Just like the skin, the light eye colour makes your eyes much less resistant to the harmful effects of the sun. In addition, being in the sun without glasses can be simply very bothersome here. If you don't pack them on time, they'll probably be the first thing you go to local stores to look for.

3. Swimsuit

This point seems obvious, but we still want to remind you - even if you are going to Portugal mainly to visit cities like Lisbon or Porto, take at least one swimsuit with you! Portugal is famous for its beaches, there are thousands of them here. Even the largest Portuguese cities are located about a 20 minutes car or train ride from the nearest beaches so even when visiting the city it is relatively easy to go to the ocean at least to take a dive in the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Sweatshirt (or anything warm)

Although many people associate Portugal primarily with the sun and good weather, it is worth bearing in mind that Portugal is located right by the ocean. This location means that the temperature difference between day and night can be significant, and the breeze from the ocean only intensifies the feeling of cold. It may turn out that one warm thing packed into a suitcase during your holiday will often save your life in Portugal, especially if you're planning to stay right by the ocean.

5. Comfortable shoes

Portugal is a paradise for those who love walking and sightseeing. Even the largest Portuguese cities are relatively easy to explore on foot. However, keep in mind that many of them (such as Lisbon) are places with a large variety of terrain - when visiting them on foot, you will often have to overcome hills, stairs, and narrow streets paved with slippery cobblestones. Rural areas, in turn, are miles of walking trails on cliffs along the ocean, drawbridges and other pedestrian attractions.

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